Allergy Friendly

Please note that the minimum order for Regular/Gluten Free/Lactose Free individual cupcakes is 1 dozen however you may choose up to 12 different flavours. If your order is less than 48 hours please call and we can provide you with our cupcake flavours of the day and arrange delivery if required. Our Bakery is closed on Sundays for pick-up but deliveries are available seven days a week.

Gluten Free – As gluten intolerance/sensitivity and celiac are becoming more and more common, we now offer a selection of gluten free cupcake flavours daily. If you require a certain quantity or flavour we recommend that you pre-order. Cakes are also available in gluten free upon request.

Lactose Free – Lactose is a water soluble sugar molecule found in dairy products. The butter-making process separates the majority of milk’s water components from the fat components. Lactose, being a water soluble molecule, will largely be removed, leaving only trace amounts of lactose in the butter. For our lactose free cakes and cupcakes we substitute the milk with soy milk but the butter in the frosting and cake remains.

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