Custom Cakes

Our designs are not limited to the sampling of our work within this gallery. Whether you see a cake you like, have a design or theme in mind or would like us to create something specifically for you, we can do it. We can match your decor or invitation, incorporate someone’s likes and hobbies, replicate real life objects (i.e.; pop/beer cans, bottles, shoes, food items, cars…etc) or include your favourite characters or figures.

When contacting us about a custom cake please let us know the date you need the cake for, how many servings you require and any details you have on the look/design of the cake.

Our custom cakes start at $200 and are priced according to the design and serving size. In addition to our custom cakes we also offer Basic cakes which range from $45-$125 and a series of set Designer Cakes which are priced starting at $150.

We have many cake and filling flavours to choose from.

You can see what some of our past clients have said about our work by clicking here.


Care Bear and Tigger cake N1135 - 3D titanic ship cake toronto N1135 - titanic birthday cake toronto N1134 r2d2 cake toronto oakville flower pot cake N1007 - 3D hello kitty cake toronto Cake Walk robot wedding cake BC4108 - super mario cake toronto BC4281-super-mario-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4288-DC-Marvel-comic-super-hero-cake-toronto-oakville N1134 - golf shoe grooms cake toronto N1143-airplane-wedding-cake-toronto N1151-airplane-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville N1142-running-shoe-cake-toronto N1010 - angry birds cake toronto smurf cake toronto BC4228 mayan calendar cake toronto oakville Chanel purse cake toronto purse shoe cake toronto pink tartan coach purse cake toronto N1171-jimmy-choo-versace-cake-toronto-oakville hermes violet purse cake toronto N1192-brown-LV-purse-cake-toronto louis v purse cake toronto shopping bag birthday cake toronto N1176-korean-lucky-bag-cake-toronto-oakville N1168-nicole-nail-polish-cake-toronto-oakville BC4055 - designer shoe cake versace shoe cake2 BC4155 - manolo blahnik shoe cake BC4123 - gum paste shoes on cake N1193-red-converse-shoe-cake-toronto N1180-converse-shoe-cake-toronto-oakville BC4304-herme-box-cake-toronto-oakville BC4053 - designer logo cake toronto BC4270-lv-gucci-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4167 - justin bieber cake toronto N1135 pool table cake toronto oakville BC4046 - computer desk cake toronto N1165-casino-niagara-slot-machine-cake-toront0-oakville slot machine cake toronto N1137 blazing 7 slot machine cake toronto oakville CN Tower Skydome cake sharon temple cake toronto house cake toronto N1001 - absolute tower cake toronto Seagram building birthday cake ghostbusters cake toronto N1141-desktop-computer-cake-toronto-oakville canon camera cake toronto canon camera cake birthday cake toronto star trek enterprise cake toronto millennium falcon cake toronto N1183-suitcase-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville playstation cake dj turntable cake toronto N1188-juke-box-cake-toronto N1174-guitar-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville N1189-fender-guitar-cake-toronto N1152-tool-box-cake-toronto-oakville BC4324-tool-box-cake-toronto BC4226 gold frame artist cake toronto oakville giant cupcake cake toronto N1159-chinese-food-bowl-cake-toronto-oakville hamburger cake toronto barbecue cake huge taco birthday cake wisconsin cheese cake N1175-telefrancais-pineapple-cake-toronto-oakville N1162-crown-royal-bottle-cake-toronto-oakville N1163-red-bull-can-cake-toronto-oakville N1004 - coke can cake toronto N1003 - alexander keiths beer can cake toronto N1194-zywiec-beer-can-cake-toronto Bacardi rum bottle cake grey goose vodka bottle cake N1178-wine-bottle-cake-toronto-oakville N1191-Louis-xlll-bottle-novelty-cake-toronto BC4097 - Thor birthday cake statue of liberty cake BC4266-toopy-and-binoo-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4264-toopy-and-binoo-cake-toronto-oakville honey pot bunny cake toronto BC4230 guess how much I love you book cake toronto oakville N1148 champagne bottle birthday cake toronto oakville toronto blue jays mascot cake BC4227 2 tier beach cake toronto oakville BC4263-whale-shark-scuba-cake-toronto-oakville BC4322-lilo-and-stitch-cake-toronto Bc4252-pippy-longstockings-cake-toronto-oakville BC4210-ninjago-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4224 lego ironman cake toronto oakville BC4223 hockey puck mini cakes toronto oakville halloween skull cake BC4047 - construction site birthday cake toronto BC4268-mermaid-octopus-cake-toronto-oakville BC4217-40th-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4282-30th-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4122 - monster high cake toronto BC4216-frog-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4129-scottish-tartan-cake-toronto-oakville BC4001 - barbie birthday cake toronto tooth cake toronto BC4068 - wwe boys birthday cake N1184-3D-alligator-cake-toronto-oakville N1136 robot birthday cake toronto oakville N1179-ping-pong-table-cake-toronto-oakville soccer ball cake BC4291-soccer-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville N1185-stanley-cup-cake-toronto-oakville stanley cup cake atlas cake toronto las vegas sign cake toronto BC4234-tiffany-box-cake-toronto-oakville BC4327-tiffany-box-louboutin-shoe-cake-toronto BC4088 - open tiffany box cake toronto BC4159-fuschia-ivory-gift-box-birthday-cake-toronto BC4085 - 2 tier Tiffany Box cake BC4316-3D-boat-birthday-cake-toronto red black speed boat cake sailboat cake BC4130 - sailboat 30th birthday cake toronto N1166-rogers-cable-truck-cake-toronto-oakville cement truck cake toronto N1145-fire-truck-cake-toronto-oakville helicopter cake toronto N1172-vintage-F1-race-car-cake-toronto-oakville N1008 - toronto go train cake porsche cayman cake corvettecake N1140-zuzuki-boulevard-motorcycle-cake-toronto N1182-mountain-climbing-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville N1009 - medieval castle cake toronto BC4314-circus-birthday-cake-toronto BC4045 - circus cake BC4308-sesame-street-cake-toronto BC4334-supermario-cart-2-tier-birthday-cake-toronto BC4158-safari-engagement-cake-toronto BC4157-wizard-of-oz-birthday-cake-toronto BC4013 - Antarctic Cake BC4293-cars-cake-toronto-oakville doctors bag cake toronto doctors coat cake BC4042 - cartoon soccer field cake toronto N1181-football-helmet-cake-toronto-oakville Bc4297-suit-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville N1180-converse-shoe-cake-toronto-oakville BC4323-nike-shoe-box-cake-toronto N1167-baseball-cap-cake-toronto-oakville blue jays baseball cap cake toronto BC4342-mcgill-university-hockey-jersey-cake-toronto BC4317-maple-leafs-hockey-jersey-cake-toronto N1156-varsity-jacket-cake-toronto-oakville BC4269-buffalo-sabres-cake-toronto-oakville montreal canadiens cake toronto rugby ball cake toronto golf bag cake toronto W9092 - bridal dress cake ipod  and ipad cakes ironman mask cake N1138-truck-tire-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville suitcase cake BC4024 - peacock birthday cake toronto johnny depp mad hatter cake BC4328-my-little-pony-birthday-cake-toronto BC4341-owl-first-birthday-cake-toronto BC4325-mini-2-tier-first-birthday-cake-toronto BC4137 - pink cupcake 1st birthday cake toronto BC4239-cupcake-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4140 - pink zebra cake toronto BC4158 - lady bug 1st birthday cake toronto BC4246-80s-theme-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4243-red-black-grey-16th-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4225 minnie mouse cake toronto oakville BC4238-mickey-mouse-club-house-cake-toronto-oakville BC4196 - big bang theory cake toronto BC4152 - photo strip birthday cake BC4339-family-tree-anniversary-cake-toronto BC4027 - bird birthday cake toronto BC4301-flute-music-cake-toronto-oakville BC4066 - disco birthday cake N1139-medical-book-cake-toronto-oakville jane goodall birthday cake toronto N1012 - worn old book cake toronto N1013 - agatha christie book cake toronto storybook cake toronto N1014 - 80th birthday scrapbook cake toronto BC4292-mercedes-gwagon-cake-toronto-oakville BC4289-suv-cake-toronto-oakville flame ducati motorcycle cake toronto BC4265-grateful-dead-bear-cake-toronto sushi birthday cake toronto bird house 65th birthday cake toronto BC4090 - toy story birthday cake toronto N1173-number-one-cake-toronto-oakville georges pierre seurat painted cake toronto BC4160-pirate-ship-kids-birthday-cake-toronto BC4015 - Backyardigans birthday cake BC4338-fireman-sam-birthday-cake-toronto BC4048 - construction birthday cake toronto hockey rink cake toronto BC4057 - dirt bike cake toronto BC4102 - sweet 16 cake toronto BC4241-damask-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4306-black-aqua-damask-cake-toronto-oakville BC4278-pink-aqua-damask-cake-toronto-oakville BC4280-black-purple-damask-cake-toronto-oakville BC4153 - mad hatter cake BC4031 - Princess Tiara Cake BC4109 - topsy turvy cake BC4159 - leopard print cake toronto BC4098 - tilting tospy turvy cake BC4295-bubble-guppies-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4231-ferris-wheel-cake-toronto-oakville BC4213-gumby-topsy-turvy-cake-toronto-oakville BC4257-topsy-turvy-brown-blue-cake-toronto-oakville BC4115 - pink white topsy turvy cake Bc4284-pink-yellow-aqua-topsy-tury-cake-toronto-oakville BC4116 - purple topsy turvy cake BC4315-las-vegas-theme-birthday-cake-toronto BC4309-baby-mickey-mouse-cake-toronto BC4095 - thomas train birthday cake toronto BC4118 - superman cake baby shower cake BC4081 - T rex dinosaur birthday cake toronto BC4188 - In The Night Garden birthday cake R8058-zoo-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4305-farm-birthdaycake-cupcakes-toronto-oakville BC4337-2-tier-jungle-birthday-cake-toronto BC4259-safari-1st-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville noah's arc cake toronto R8041-stork-baby-shower-cake-toronto-oakville R6001-stork-baby-shower-cake-toronto R8043-laundry-baby-shower-cake-toronto-oakville Baptism Cake to Match Tiny Prints Invitation first communion cake R8054-white-purple-communion-cake-toronto-oakville R8050-sleeping-baby-cake-toronto-oakville R8056-pink-aqua-baby-shower-cake-toronto-oakville R8049-pink-white-1st -communion-cake-toronto-oakville R8048-ivory-gold-baptism-christening-cake-toronto-oakville R8055-purple-green-peapod-baby-shower-cake-toronto-oakville R8047-peopod-baby-shower-cake-toronto-oakville R8051-boy-oh-boy-baby-shower-cake-toronto-oakville R8046-blue-baby-block-cake-toronto-oakville R8044-blue-first-communion-cake-toronto-oakville baby blocks on baby shower cake pink baby shower cake twin baby shower cake toronto baby block baby shower cake baby boy baptism cake large baby block baptism cake BC4107 - super mario birthday cake BC4261-hello-kitty-volleyball-cake-toronto-oakville Bc4260-make-up-cake-toronto-oakville BC4256-hair-dresser-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4156-scorpion-mini-cake-toronto BC4244-henri-bendel-hat-box-cake-toronto-oakville BC4247-cut-the-rope-cake-toronto-oakville BC4326-shrek-donkey-65th-birthday-cake-toronto BC4321-horse-jockey-cake-toronto BC4320-horse-stable-cake-toronto BC4318-horse-race-track-birthday-cake-toronto BC4198 - piano 80th birthday cake toronto BC4118 - bass fish birthday cake toronto jack skellington cake toronto BC4128 - retirement 65th birthday cake BC4131 - rock climbing birthday cake toronto pot-of-gold-cake2 BC4307-rose-birthday-cake-toronto BC4312-mini-pink-polka-dot-baby-shower-cake-toronto hydrangea cake frog birthday cake toronto BC4139 - poker table cake Snowman Birthday Cake giant cartier watch cake rubix cube cake money cake toronto BC4303-kayak-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4112 - music guitar cake Bc4279-peacock-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville Bc4274-toy-donkey-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4319-dr-suess-fish-bowl-cake-toronto BC4273-airplane-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville N1170-50th-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4267-backyard-garden-cake-toronto-oakville BC4236-shopping-theme-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4313-jungle-birthday-cake-toronto graduation cake toronto N1187-game-of-thrones-cake-toronto N1186-light-saber-cake-toronto BC4330-woodgrain-horse-shoe-birthday-cake-toronto BC4331-ironman-birthday-cake-toronto BC4329-baby-minnie-mouse-1st-birthday-cake-toronto