Corporate Cakes

Our custom Corporate cakes are designed to reflect your specific products, events or company logo. Whether you need to serve a small group or a large crowd we can help. We also do corporate logo/branded cupcakes which can sometimes be a more affordable solution for company give aways and gifts.

C2041-barber-shop-hair-dresser-cake-toronto C2037-innis-&-gunn-beer-corporate-cake-toronto C2024 - police badge cake C2005 - monkey wrench cake C2043-gymnastics-cake-toronto C2034-corporate-celcbration-cake-toronto-oakville C2045-corporate-pandora-cake-toronto C2035-10th-anniversary-corporate-cake-toronto-oakville C2013 - Stanfield underwear cake C2046-beanfield-corporate-cake-toronto C2031-kobo-corporate-logo-cake-toronto-oakville C2009 - virgin mobile logo cake C2022 - Secure Key Corporate Cake C2033-corporate-logo-cake-toronto-oakville C2004 - Wrigley's corporate logo cake N1043 - bagel cake C2020 - gold brick cake toronto C2025 - cigar cake toronto C2019 - dental logo cake toronto C2012 - cirque du soleil cake toronto C2010 - west jet cake N1034 - jim beam bottle cake C2001 - autumn corporate cake toronto C2008 - travelocity cake toronto C2023 - corporate birthday cake toronto C2007 - thrifty auto corporate cake toronto C2014 - moose head cake toronto C2006 - wedding tent cake toronto C2030-corporate-logo-cake-toronto-oakville C2029-corporate-logo-cake-toronto-oakville C2028-corporate-logo-cake-toronto-oakville C2027-Guinness-glass-shamrock-cake-toronto-oakville C2044-corporate-propeller-cake-toronto C2040-sperm-egg-fertility-cake-Embryologist-toronto C2039-ecobee-corporate-cake-toronto C2002 - cardboard box cake C2032-corporate-birthday-cake-toronto-oakville BC4170 - golfing birthday cake N1146-3D-pickle-cake-toronto-oakville C2038-freshbooks-corporate-cake-toronto BC4248-topsy-turvy-skyline-cake-toronto-oakville BC4249-star-craft-game-cake-toronto-oakville C2036-globe-and-mail-corporate-cake-toronto-oakville C2042-corporate-retirement-cake-toronto