Allergy Friendly

Gluten Free – As gluten intolerance/sensitivity and celiac are becoming more and more common, we now offer a selection of gluten free cupcake flavours daily. If you require a certain quantity or flavour we recommend that you pre-order. Cakes are also available in gluten free upon request. You can view our gluten free cupcake flavours in our store.

Egg Free – Although,  we do not currently, carry egg free cupcakes on a daily basis we will accommodate orders for cupcakes and cakes. The flavours we offer in egg free are chocolate, vanilla and red velvet. We use flaxseed and applesauce as a natural egg replacement instead of synthetic ‘egg replacements’.

Lactose Free – Lactose is a water soluble sugar molecule found in dairy products. The butter-making process separates the majority of milk’s water components from the fat components. Lactose, being a water soluble molecule, will largely be removed, leaving only trace amounts of lactose in the butter. For our lactose free cakes and cupcakes we substitute the milk with soy milk but the butter in the frosting and cake remains. Lactose free cakes and cupcakes are currently by order only and are available in chocolate, classic vanilla, strawberry shortcake and very vanilla.

Nut Allergies – Although the majority of our cupcakes/cakes do not directly contain nuts, we do have nuts in our kitchen and cannot 100% guarantee that any products do not come into contact with nuts. We do not guarantee 100% nut-free.

Vegan and Dairy free – At this time we do not offer any vegan or dairy-free products.

Please contact us to place your order.