The 4 Dimensional Cupcake

We are proud to offer something no one else in Toronto has…the 4 Dimensional Cupcake. What are the 4 Dimensions of a cupcake?

They are:

Dimension #1 – The Cake
We don’t ask you to simply choose between a chocolate or vanilla base like everyone else! Oh no, our cupcakes come in a wide variety of flavours from carrot or apple to ginger or almond.

Dimension #2 – The Filling
95% of our cupcakes are filled with decadent, homemade custards, preserves, creams and ganaches. The other 5% are so good on their own that the fillings just weren’t worthy.
**Fillings are not available in mini cupcakes.

Dimension #3 – The Topping
Of course all cupcakes have toppings but instead of offering you multi flavoured and coloured icings our cupcakes are topped to compliment the cake flavour. Our toppings include meringues, whipped cream, mascarpone, Swiss meringue butter cream, cream cheese frosting, chocolate ganache and much more.

Dimension #4 – The Garnish
What better way to finish off the perfect cupcake then with a scrumptious morsel of an Oreo cookie, candied carrot, homemade peanut brittle, chocolate covered banana chip or another yummy treat!

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